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Leili's HealThipher and Prosillicon for control of red spider
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Summer is a hot season characterized by high temperatures and heavy rainfall, as well as a season of rapid propagation of chewing insects and pierce-sucking mouthpart pests. At the time of food uptaking, pierce-sucking mouthpart pests often take in food and the pathogenic microorganism of unhealthy plants, which are then injected with saliva into healthy plants, thus transmitting germs to all plants. For this reason, prevention and control of insect pests are especially important.  Leili’s HealThipher + Prosillicon has released a successful case study, detailing a solution for control of the pierce-sucking mouthpart pest – red spider. 

Place of application: Ganzhai Village, Shandong Province

Grower’s name: Li Youjie

Crop variety: Oriental Honeydew Melon

Method of Application: Leili’s Prosillicon 1L + HealThipher 1kg/Mu, via flushing.

Effect of application: After the application of Leili’s Prosillicon + HealThipher solution, the honeydew melon grows well and becomes much stronger in preventing damage caused by insects versus control groups and is able to recover part of the losses suffered by farmers. 

In the past, when such an application was not available, foliage damage used to occur in greenhouses, caused by pierce-sucking mouthpart pests such as red spider. If no action is taken, melon foliage will gradually wither, which decreases plant photosynthesis and causes foliar dryout without pollination. In a more serious situation, the whole melon will die out. Generally, red spider may cause melon failure by 15% to 20%. To this end, in this case study, Leili’s HealThipher + Prosillicon Application Solution was carried out in the west side melon greenhouse, whilst the east side greenhouse was maintained for observation.

Three days after the application, the east side greenhouse was being seriously damaged, where melon plants had withered. However, the west side greenhouse covered by the HealThipher + Prosillicon Solution was less affected by insect pests, and melons grew as normal, which in the upcoming stage would be well protected against the high temperature season. 

The reasons for its effectiveness include that after the silicon in Leili’s Prosillicon is taken in, silica cells are formed inside the plant, the leaf surface cell wall becomes thicker and the cuticle increases, which further strengthens a plant’s insect pest resistant capability, particularly reducing the harm from pierce-sucking mouthpart pests, such as red spider and whitefly. Leili’s HealThipher + Prosillicon Solution can improve root soil conditions and increase soil organic matter to enable formation of soil aggregate structures, which is not only a benefit to root respiration, but also contributes to enhanced soil water preservation. 

Honeydew melon root systems are strongly resistant to salt, which only grows well within a pH value between 6 and 6.8, where over-alkalized soil will restrain the uptake of soil nutrients. The greenhouse selected for the application is a saline-alkali soil, where soil pH values could be stabilized by the use of HealThipher, while Prosillicon could induce plant’s stress tolerance capabilities and plant growth is facilitated by adjustments of the antioxidant and nutrient uptake capability. Moreover, siliceous deposits have been utilized to block the transport of sodion and chloridion, thus helping plants to resist salt stress and promote the regular growth of honeydew melons.

Over recent years, viral diseases have occurred often in vegetable farming, especially in solanaceous fruit vegetables such as tomato, green pepper, cucumber and bitter gourd, where plants grow rather slowly after being infected. As a result, blooming and fruiting capabilities will decrease significantly, leading to serious decreases in yields. Viral transmission largely relies on insects, and particularly pierce-sucking mouthparts, which act as a medium. Therefore, on the one hand Leili’s HealThipher + Prosillicon Solution could reduce damages from red spider and whitefly. On the other hand, it blocks viral transmissions to a certain extent, so as to cut down on the probability of the occurrence of viral diseases.

Leili’s Prosillicon: plant cell wall enhancing agent

- Increasing plant photosynthesis, promoting stem leaves of grass family crops to grow thick and solid, resistant to lodging; increasing effective tillering, setting and thousand seed weight; increasing fruit tree vigor and yield.

- Increasing the surface cell wall thickness of plant stem leaves, increasing cuticles; enhancing plant stress tolerance and resistance to disease and insect pests. 

- Increasing phosphorous uptake and acting inside plants, reducing fixations of phosphorous fertilizer in soil, promoting flower bud differentiation, enhancing fertilization and setting, increasing fruit sugar content; enabling fruit to have a regular shape and hardness, while being free of cracking and remaining tolerant to transport.

Leili’s HealThipher: Soil organic nutrient improving agent

- Providing beneficial microorganisms with organic nutrients to soil – balancing soil mineral nutrition to achieve plant nutrient balance; providing dissolved organic carbon, regulating soil C/N ratio, increasing fertilizer use efficiency, reducing fertilizer use, enhancing plant’s stress resistance and promoting healthy growth of root system.

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