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Together, Upgrade Service Providers: Leili released the Global Plan for the Fruits 100 at the German Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition in 2019
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At present, China is the world's strongest consumer of high-quality fruit, showing obvious consumption upgrades, and the main providers active in the fruit industry chain are improving the production factors, standardizing planting management, fruit quality and post-harvest processing technology, deepening cooperation with each other and other means to meet consumers' requirements and expectations for freshness, taste and nutrition of fruits.

The planting end is the source of all the high-quality fruits industry. For this reason, Leili Group, which is committed to plant healthy cultivation and balanced bio-agricultural law, released the Global Plan of the Fruits 100 at the German Fruit and Vegetable Exhibition in 2019. Leili, hope to provide technical experience and channels of high-value fruit and vegetable farms such as blueberries, citrus, grapes and apples around 80 countries on its own, meet the needs and expectations of the consumer market, while taking responsibility for the sustainable development of agriculture and the environment.

Unlike the "fruit hunters"  who hunt for the world's best fruits, LEILI Global Launch 100 Superb Fruits is a transformation of the flavor, nutrition and healthy diet of fruits with 

great consumer markets and potential, and plan to choose fruits worldwide with the "three excellent" standard, that is, high-quality varieties, eugenic areas, excellent growers, 

create a hundred brands of fresh fruits and vegetables in ten years. Connected with Pagoda channels, Leili enables users to enjoy the best taste from orchard to fruit plate and realize the mission of Leili people to extract marine essence for the benefit of human health.

Tang Jie, general manager of Beijing Leili Marine Bioindustry INC, said: "The practice of Leili service in 80 countries around the world for 26 years is the accumulation of service providers. Leili will follow the internal operation rules of the entire circulation system, upgrade channel functions and the cooperation mode, carry out coordinated development of industrialization. LEILI Global Launch 100 Superb Fruits will establish a set of standards with partners in terms of area selection, variety selection, cultivation and management technology, post-harvest preservation, logistics, transportation, flavor appreciation, etc. and together upgrade the strategic planning with partners.

As the pioneer of balanced agricultural law and the leader of Chinese seaweed fertilizer, Lei Lizao source bio-stimulant core and balanced agricultural technology system have formed the technical support to create high-quality fruit, which can comprehensively solve soil imbalance (citrus yellowing), crops The key issues of disorders and quality degradation (apples, tomatoes).

The 100 Superb Fruits Project will not only optimize the ecosystem of fruit planting, but also use biological control to create environmental conditions conducive to fruit growth. It will also operate the plant chain end of the industrial chain from the perspective of planting the entire industrial chain to achieve variety differentiation and quality. Differentiation and different taste.

Recently, the world's first food health standards report has been released. Food is the strongest lever to improve human health and the sustainability of the global environment. The current global food system needs a new agricultural revolution, including doubling the consumption of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. In addition to sustainable food production, agriculture must focus on increasing high-quality output. To accomplish this, it is necessary to significantly improve the efficiency of fertilizer and water, recycle agricultural phosphorus, redistribute the use of nitrogen and phosphorus in the worldwide, and promote biodiversity in agricultural systems.


In response to this, as a socially responsible company, Leili will form technology concentric circle system, formulation technology and application technology through biological stimulant hormone compositions such as seaweed extract, free amino acids, protein peptides, humic substances, chitin and chitosan, and beneficial microbes. Finally, Leili solution based on the safety, health and nutrition of agricultural products will be formed as the technical support of high-quality fruits.

As a strategic partner of Leili, Zhu Qidong, vice president of Pagoda, Shan Yikang, assistant to Chairman, participated in LEILI Global Launch 100 Superb Fruits. Mr. Zhu mentioned: “Pagoda is committed to create a platform of high-quality fruits for the world. Pagoda has 3,500 stores in China, and cooperates with 230 fruit planting bases around the world to build a global fruit supply system, provide a high-quality return service. Therefore, Pagoda can continuously provide more delicious fruits for consumers. Pagoda will deepen the planting end, standardize product standards, create an ecological chain and supply chain, strengthen standard implementation, promote financial services and expand six major channels to support the development of the Pagoda."

At the same time, Mr. Zhu revealed that Pagoda took the lead in the industry to put forward the delicious standard - four degrees, one taste, one safety, that is, "freshness, sugar acidity, tenderness, crispness, fragrance and safety" , which will conform to the upgrade of the consumer end. This can guide and standardize the fruit supply in the new era, and satisfy consumers taste. 

Cooperating with Pagoda, it promotes the coordinated development of LEILI Global Launch 100 Superb Fruits.

Leili will carry out the cooperation model and channel function upgrade with the partners. In terms of cooperation mode upgrading, Leili will introduce the cross-industry cooperation, realize the related Cross-border scenarios, user needs and consumer data connectivity. In terms of channel function upgrading, Leili will help partners to build a balanced agricultural service station with demonstration significance and play a leading role in branding. Leili balance agricultural service station will gradually diversify its functions and and integrate product sales experience and industrial chain service.

At the meeting, partners from Egypt, Canada, Morocco, Dominica and China introduced the Leili solution of high-quality fruits, including Egyptian grapes, Canadian cherries, blueberries, Moroccan raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, he Poland apples, and China oranges, which laid a solid foundation for LEILI Global Launch 100 Superb Fruits.

As Mr. Tang said, Leili has the responsibility to upgrade the fruit industry, form a substantial promotion, so that more consumers can taste safety, nutrition and delicious fruit and achieve win-win situation.

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