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20 Years Development of Leili Overseas Business is Committed to Build Balanced Farming Value Community
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Under the trend of global agricultural industry chain upgrade currently, producing sustainable, higher-quality and more consumer-friendly agricultural products through biotechnology for our planet and striving to build balanced farming value community together, which is the dream of countless agricultural practitioners and the pursuit of Leili people.

20th Anniversary Celebration of Leili Overseas Business was held in Beijing on November 12. “Co-Build, Co-Share & Win-Win, Build Balanced Farming Value Community” is the theme of this celebration. With a solid foundation, the celebration attracted more than 100 international friends from 30 countries such as Leili partners, farmers, etc. The scene had a unique design and warm atmosphere, presented a moving scene of "Leili international stage” . Secretary general of China Good Agri-products Development & Service Association, Mr. Zhang Ping, Director of International Cooperation Section, Zhongguancun S&T Park,Haidian Branch, Ms.Wang Chongwu and other leaders and experts attended the celebration, brought their support and expectations for Leili balanced farming business.

Leili has been insisting on self-innovation for 20 years, and has gone an international brand development path of Chinese company from“made in China”to“created in China”. It has developed into a high-tech enterprise and international service platform that can provide marine biotechnology and product service to 80 countries.

According to statistics, Leili can be the leading position in China’s seaweed fertilizer industry from 0 to 1, from weak to strong. Leili has obtained 3 scientific and technological achievements, 26 invention patents and 125 products registered globally. The products have undergone 5 upgrades. Every year, there are tens of thousands of agronomists promote more than 1,000 crop solutions on 150 crops and horticultural plants, which benefit more than 50 million farmers directly and drive farmers to increase their income by more than 2 billion dollars.

Just as Ms.Wang Chongwu, director of International Cooperation Section, Zhongguancun S&T Park,Haidian Branch, expected in her speech. After 20 years of overseas business, Leili has deepened its partnership with international partners. The technology and products have been well promoted. The goal of building a balanced farming value community is worthy of this effort. Leili will continue to provide their best technologies, products and services to more countries, and benefit the local people.

Leili’s development strategy is also supported by China Good Agri-products Development& Service Association. Mr.Zhang Ping, Secretary general of China Good Agri-products Development & Service Association, mentioned in the celebration that it is important to solve key issues in the industrial chain. China should promote such good products and technologies as Leili, and also introduce the world's finest varieties, advanced technologies and high-quality agricultural products to China. Through building a global evaluation system for the value of agricultural brands. Leili will apply innovate agricultural technology and a variety of technology promotion methods, strengthen the construction of agricultural product brands, explore new technologies, new industries, new forms of business and new models with a market-oriented approach, work together to develop distinctive industries, extend industrial chains, innovate business models and build a strategic community.

At the celebration, overseas partners from nine countries signed promotion service agreement of balanced farming industry materialization, which plan to created a batch of high-quality agricultural products and promoted the rapid and high-quality development of the domestic and international fruit economy.

Taking advantage of the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Leili Overseas Business, Leili and representatives from Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Romania and other countries jointly launched the "Organic Cereals & Beans" global program.

Ms. Tang Jie, general manager of Beijing Leili Group, said: Leili has to do well at both ends of the smile curve (technology and consumption), balanced farming business is not only connected with business but also with people's hearts. We used to plant well, but now we pay more attention to eating well. We used to be a national business and now we work together on a big platform. China has a huge consumer market and has included agricultural products from all around the world. The world also needs Leili balanced agricultural technology and products. In the future, we will be committed to implementing the results of the international forum and celebration on Leili Balanced farming practice, building a closer balanced farming value community and contributing to the "China Strategy" concerning the future of agriculture and mankind.

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