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Fighting with disease, preparing for ploughing
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The fight against the deadly coronavirus continues, Leili people remain in their work posts, make preparations for spring ploughing and sowing.

Plum blossom, regarded in Chinese culture as a symbol of bravery, purity and nobleness, is seen in many parts of the country, indicating the start of spring.

When it comes to ploughing, we recommend to apply Algasoil, which is Seaweed Organic Granular Matter & Organic Soil Conditioner. We usually use Algasoil as base fertilizer to improve soil, promote root growth, increase the number of strong seedlings.

Meanwhile, Algasoil contains seaweed organic matter, which is can improve soil condition including moisture, fertility, aeration and restore soil vitality, enhance soil fertility. In addition, Algasoil can inhibit diseases and harmful insects, promote beneficial microorganisms, reduce the residues and utilization of agrochemicals, adjust pH– neutralize acid ions contained in soil, moderately and rapidly increase soil pH, high buffer capability.

KELMOST : Algae polysaccharides form micelle structure, keep water and fertilizer holding, and promote micro-ecological balance in soil.

Case 1

Location:Yunnan province,China,

Crops: Pepper

Products:Algasoil 800kg/ha+Compound fertilizer, hole application


1. Improve water and fertility retention, promote strong root system and shorten revival time 

2.Stimulate plant growth, increase stress resistance

After two weeks, pepper treated with Algasoil has more white and large roots.

Control: small and weak plant, not uniform  (left picture)

Treated: strong plant, uniform  ( right picture)

Case 2

Location:Nanning, China,

Crops: black wax gourd

Products:Algasoil 3 package/mu + LEILI Double Win 1 package/mu

Functions:High frost resistance, strong branch differentiation and early flowering.

Strong frost resistance, robust stems and leaves.

Strong branch differentiation

Early flowering

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