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Leili still positive about the event and take part in Fruit Logistica under the situation of coronavirus
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On February 5-7, 2020,Fruit Logistica, the world's largest fruit and vegetable exhibition will beheld in the Berlin. As a high-quality fruit and vegetable planting solution andservice provider, Leili Overseas Teams will participate in Fruit Logistica thistime. This is also the third consecutive time that Leili has come to Berlin toparticipate in this professional fruit and vegetable exhibition.

Leili believes that FruitLogistica is an important stage for demonstrating the strategic positioning of“upgrading service providers with partners”, especially the current exhibition.Leili moved from the original input exhibition to the fruit and vegetable exhibitiontogether with New Zealand's well-known kiwi enterprises. (Booth Number: Hall 27F-06)

At Fruit Logistica in 2019,Leili released “Global Launch 100 Superb Fruits” together with Pagoda andinternational and domestic partners. This strategy plans to create a hundredbrands of fresh fruits and vegetables in ten years, connecting fresh channelsand enabling users to enjoy safe and delicious food from orchards to table. 

Under the mission of balancedfarming practice and highly cohesive force of the enterprise, in response tothe needs of consumption and quality upgrades, Leili actively promotes partnersto engage in agricultural transformation and upgrading from selling products toquality improvement services. After four selections of worldwide famous fruitsin one year, including 33 high-quality fruits such as Shanxi Yuncheng “YangfengCrispy Persimmon”, Zhejiang Xiangshan “Red Beauty Citrus”, Shanxi Yuncheng “winterjujube”, “Provencal Tomatoes“, Guangxi ”091 Seedless Citrus“, Zhejiang ”Pomelo” .

At present, Leili balancedfarming practice on durian in Malaysian has settled in Pagoda and signed along-term supply contract; Hebei Weichang “small Watermelon” has been tested asGrade A by Pagoda and has been sold in Beijing. Shanxi Yongji “Yangfeng Sweet Persimmon” applied withLeili practice has been sold in Missfresh East China Region and FreshhemaSouthwest Region. The Missfresh Plans to sell Yangfeng “Sweet Persimmon”protected by Leili solution nationwide in 2020. Zhejiang Xiangshan “Red BeautyCitrus” has entered the Freshhema Southwest Region purchase list.

In addition to the"Three-Excellent" standard of high-quality varieties, eugenicregions, and excellent growers, “Leili Global Launch 100 Superb Fruits” alsorequires the optimization of fruit cultivation ecosystems and the technology ofbiological control to create an environment conducive to fruit growth. Leiliwill operate from the perspective of the entire industry chain to achievevariety, quality, and taste differentiation. The most important thing is tohelp growers explore the transformation of agricultural products into"commodities" and realize the commercialization of fruits.

At this exhibition, Leiliwill share farm management experience under adverse weather, pest and disease,and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to createhigh-quality fruits and vegetables. At the same time, on this global stage, Leilinot only brings successful solutions for the management of high-quality fruitand vegetable cultivation from 80 countries, but also recommends high-qualityfruits that are protected by Leili smart solutions to connect with theresources of the global fruit and vegetable industry chain.

Welcome toFruit Logistica and businesswith Leili about the future of balanced farming practice.

Time: February 5-7, 2020

Venue: Leili ExhibitionHall, Berlin, Germany

Booth number: Hall 27 F-06

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