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Liquid Fertilizer with Amino Acids and Chelated Microelements

Liquid fertilizer rich in quickly available free amino acids and trace elements

Package:1L/bottle x 12/CTN, 5L/barrel x 4/CTN, 10L/barrel x 2/CTN


◆ 17 varieties of L-α free amino acids promoting photosynthesis and opening of stomata

◆ Balanced spectrum of macronutrients and various trace elements (Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn)

◆ Liquid fertilizer with high absorption rates

◆ Regulatory effect of amino acid on nutrients absorption and plant growth

◆ Regulatory function of nutrients accumulation and balance for a more vigorous growth and a better anti-stress resistance

◆ Provide the full spectrum of micronutrients easy to be absorbed

◆ Correct both actual and potential microelements deficiencies

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