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Chitin Organic Granular Fertilizer

Preventing from soil-borne disease

Organic Matter:30%, N:1%, P2O5:2%, K2O:2%, Ca:3%, Mg:2%, S:NA

Package: 20kg/bag


High organic matter content and activity, improve soil microbial flora and continuous cropping-resistant.

◆ Promoting the formation of a good soil structure especially in the case of barren and alkaline soils, improving aeration as well as water and fertilizer retention, preventing from soil compaction.

◆ Improving the soil rhizosphere microbial environment, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil, and increasing the beneficial microbial activity.

◆ Enhancing the resistance to drought, water logging, low temperature and decrease usage and residue of pesticides.

◆ Increasing crop quality and yield.

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