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Humic Total

Soluble Potassium Humate 95%

Urea enhancer-contributed to added-value of Urea utilization rate

N:NA, P2O5:NA, K2O:12%, Ca:NA, Mg:NA, S:NA

Package: 1kg/bag x 25/CTN


◆  Extracted from natural leonardite, rich in humic and  fulvic acid in small molecules

◆  Highly soluble humic acid in high concentrations (82-84%)

◆  Excellent soil conditioner

◆  Maintaining organic matter and soil pH, decreasing salinity, improving soil structure

● Increasing nutrient uptake

● Stimulating microbial activity, detoxifying soils form polluting agents

● Sharply increasing utilization efficiency of mineral fertilizers, preventing NPK from leaching or locking up

● Promoting the formation of a good soil structure and soil aeration, increasing water retention and cation exchange capacity

● Stimulating seed germination, promoting a vigorous root growth.

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