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BioGuard TD

Trichoderma spp. biocontrol agent

N:NA, P2O5:NA, K2O:NA, Ca:NA, Mg:NA, S:NA

Package: 1kg/bag


◆ Biocontrol agent for the integrated nutrient management (INM) and integrated plant nutrient system (IPNS)

◆ After application, TD agent can produce cell-wall degradation enzyme and antibiotics to induce plant resistance

◆ Through the way such as soil nutrient competition and tiny parasitic to suppress harmful microbes effectively

◆ Attaining microbes-against, improve crop quality and yield, that is the latest achievements of ecological prevention and fit for green and Organic Agricultural production

◆  Improving continuous plant resistance, improve soil micro-ecological, inhabit harmful microbial growth, then provide healthy soil environment for crops.

◆ Preventing root rot, gray mold, and obviously reduce seedling mortality.

◆ Improving the soil nutrient utilization and reducing pesticide residual.

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