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ROOTMOST, LEILI2000 and AMICA on RICE PADDY in Kedah, Malaysia
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Healthy roots = healthy and more productive plants.

We demonstrated the effectiveness of RootMost, Amica and Leili2000 with padi rice.

The trial was conducted in Kedah.

When we compared plants with and without rootmost, it was easy to see the effectiveness of rootmost for padis. Rootmost also helped increase the number of tills per plants. More tillers means more yield!

During vegetative growth, LEILI2000 and AMICA was applied. AMICA was especially important as it helped the padi plant support heavy flowering and heading. During our trial, there was a freak storm. The field treated with ROOTMOST, LEILI2000 and AMICA managed to survive the strong wind, while most of the control padi plants snapped.

We achieved 3x more tillers with ROOTMOST, LEILI2000 and AMICA compared to control.

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1:1000    Foliar Spray    2 weeks after 1 application

Rootmost was used at a dilution of 1:1000 for 3 applications (10 days apart). 

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