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Leili2000,Softguard and AmiCa on chili in Malaysia
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Mosaic virus

Leaf curling


Growing tips dead

Before using

After using

Leili2000 can rapidly increase the leaf area of pepper, increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves, enhance photosynthesis, and supplement the nutrients needed for the growth of pepper, so as to ensure the healthy growth of pepper. 

Leili SoftGuard can induce pepper to produce chitinase in advance, so as to improve the immunity of pepper, play the role of resistance to mosaic virus. At the same time, it can also promote the growth of new buds, and also has a good control effect on the curl of pepper leaves.

Leili AmiCa can solve the growing tips dead and leaf curl caused by calcium deficiency, and ensure the health of the growth point. 

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1:1000 AMICA +1:1000 LEILI 2000 +1:1000 Softguard;Foliar Spray,  every 2 weeks 

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