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Alga300++ and Softguard++ on winter wheat in Slovakia
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Location: Eastern Slovakia

Base fertilization: N 90 kg/ha

Seeding: 26.9.2011

Harvest: 2.7.2012

Condition: Low incidence of disease

Treated: Vigorous growth


1. Yield increased by 15.9%from 4.4 ton/ha to 5.1ton/ha.

2. Profit increased by 154 €/ha.

3. Higher anti-stress capacity, morbidity is up to 40% in control field, the field treated by Leili products is 30%.

4. More vigorous growth, compared to plant height untreated Leili products, the treated is 50px higher than control.

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● Alga300++ P applied 1L/ha on May 2nd, 2012

● Alga300++ K 1L/ha and Softguard++ 0.8L/ha applied on June 4th, 2012


● Conventional fertilizers

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