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Leili2000 on Rapeseed
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Rapeseed:  Latecomer come to the fore, high efficient and high yield

Location:  Buzau and Tulcea, Romania

Time:  September 2017-April 2018

Cultivation area: 220 ha.

Problem: 15 days later than normal time due to the maize was harvested later.

Purpose: Increase production to catch up with normal crops around.


High efficient: the "treated" was late than the “control” for 15days. When the plants at florescence, the rapeseed that treated by LEILI2000 already grew better than that of control.

High yield: After using LEILI2000, each single Rapeseed showed more flowers, branches, fibrous root than that of control.


1.LEILI2000 could balance foliar nutrients, fast plants development and increase the yield even later planting.

2.Alginic acid and fulvic acid represent a good source of organic matter, which can stimulate the root to secrete acid substances, thus improving the soil microbial activity and rhizosphere.

3.Seaweed extract contains auxins, cytokinins and amino acids, which can stimulate the growth of new leaves and new flowers. Fulvic acid can stimulate the growth of new root.

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