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Alga300 and Softguard on coffee
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Enterprise: Finca Bernaola S.A.C.

Location:  Peru


Variety:Gran Colombia

Time:  March, 2012-June, 2012

Purpose: Promoting the growth of roots and the vegetative development of coffee cultivation



Root growth (photographic evaluation)

The treatment favors a higher growth of secondary roots and root hairs, compared to the control, which shows little growth of major roots with scant development of lateral roots and root hairs.

The applications of the Amino, Softguard, Alga 300 and ESENFOL MIX promote the development of longer main roots with greater number of lateral roots and root hairs while the control plants have a limited growth of Secondary and lateral roots.


The application of amino, Softguard, Alga 300 and Esenfol Mix, 15 days after transplantation, promote the development and growth of a greater number of primary and secondary roots, with greater lateral growth and greater number of root hairs.

Promoting a continuous root development and providing a better condition of seedlings of coffee. A greater number of roots explore greater soil volume by increasing the efficiency of fertilization and resulting in plants with better growth and higher productivity.

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