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Beijing Leili Marine Bioindustry Inc. is the founder of China seaweed biological products for agricultural use industry, which has been keeping a leading position in this industry.

We provide more than 80 countries with our original seaweed biostimulants and related services, including but not limited to the healthy crop cultivation solution and green agricultural input, crop nutrition deficiency diagnosis and tech, crop balance nutrition diagnosis and tech, and soil improvement and remediation tech. All the above services have been based on our field experience and continuously innovation on technology through the past 26 years.

Today, we propose bio-balance theory and establish Blue Technology System. Our original intention is to satisfy the basic food nutrition and safety “from field to dinner table”, and benefit the customers in the maximum.

Our solution is finding out the imbalance factor which prevents the maximum output during agricultural production, and tailoring special crop balance solution for you. Increasing the yield of every acre, improving the color and flavor of each fruit, and remaining fertile field for the next cultivation, with this aim, we invite you to join us to create a new balanced agriculture era.

Everything comes from nature and returns to nature.

We invite you to create balanced agriculture era with us!

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