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Balanced agricultural concept/ Three patent components/

Patent ingredient Algene

Algene is the most valuable active subject in algae, which is called "platinum of algae". It can be dissolved in water easily, and fast absorbed by plant roots, stems and leaves.

Algene is also called as balance substance, which can supply exogenous nutrients for plants. Meanwhile endogenous hormone and secondary metabolite of algae promote the activity of microbes in soil. We found that the signals in thebalance substance can induce the nutrient to effective parts and transform in high efficient, finally guarantees the more coordinated and healthier eatable parts of the agricultural products.

Patent ingredient Kelmost

Kelmost, the patent technology, can promote algae polysaccharides to form micelle structure, and maintain its powerful adsorption capacity continuously. Through locking the soil nutrient, it improves the soil fertility when use more product. You don't have to worry about soil nutrient was taken away since high yield of crops.

In addition, algae polysaccharides can be turned to oligosaccharides, which can increase the space occupying effect of beneficial microbes, reduce the harmful bacteria in soil, and rebuild ecological balance of soil, together with suitable C/N ratio.

Patent ingredient Minecal

This is one of our initial global techniques. Adopting chelated tech, sea minerals and trace elements are combined to chelating materials. Minecal has very high bio-activity, which has good solubility, good stability, high utilization, and long validity. It can be absorbed as organic molecules by crops, fast transferred directly in crop, and supply nutrients quickly.

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