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For Leili overseas business development demands, now the following positions are open in China and abroad:

1. Regional Manager


    1. Age between 22-40 years old, with sales and agronomist background, can complete the sales targets of company in time.

    2. Planning and implementing marketing activities, carry out product selling, complete technical meeting and product-related training.

    3. Persons with experiences of new pesticides or water-soluble fertilizer, especially with plant protection or soluble fertilizer working experiences or special fertilizer, and with sales experiences in international Agrochemical Multi-companies are preferred.

    4. Fluent both in oral and written English, can communicate fluently with the headquarter people in business communication.


    1. Complete sales performance n target market and area.

    2. Develop new customers and maintain old customers of regional market.

    3. Be familiar with the market of agricultural materials, be independent in developing the functions of products and making market planning.

    4. Held farmer meetings, field day in markets.

    5. Training the distribution channel dealers and help them to have better understanding of our products and make promotion work with distributors.

    6. Popularize and apply Leili products in crops and markets.

    7. Own professional knowledge, and be able to complete field experiments independently.

    8. Assist customers for product registration, access of the market and other relevant procedures.

    9. Compile regional case and hold regional market promotion activities.

2. Foreign Agricultural Technical Manager


    1. Bachelor degree or above in relevant majors like agronomy, soil science, plant nutrition and plant protection from KEY agricultural institutions(universiity).

    2. Excellent English listening/speaking/reading/writing/ translation abiliity to ensure smooth oral and writing communication with foreign partners.

    3.No nationality restriction, candidates with French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and Russian as mother tongue or second language could be taken as preference.


    1. To be responsible for the application research of Leili seaweed fertilizer products on main global crops, and to make stable and effective application cases of Leili seaweed fertilizer products.

    2. To design and carry out the demonstration and test projects of Leili seaweed fertilizer products in target market.

    3.To be responsible for the technical application guidance and after-sale service of Leili seaweed fertilizer products in target market to ensure the standard and effective application in local country.

    4. To be responsible for the collection, classification and share of typical Leili seaweed fertilizer application cases and to promote them globally.

Experienced candidates in relevant fields could be given priority.

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