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Balanced agricultural concept/ Three patent components/

Bio-balance theory based on biology and ecology, takes sea water, seaweed, soil, crops and human as the study target, uses modern biological technology to improve the imbalanced environment between ocean and land, solve the soil ecology imbalance problem, and correct the crop nutrient deficiency in order to achieve crop balanced growth, secure products’ quality and nutrient, promote human health, and establish a harmonious biological cycle.

By balance theory, we study life science and environment rule, and research the balance between different systems, including:

1.Balance circle between ocean environment and land environment. (balance-imbalance-balance)

2.Soil-crop self-balance in ecology system (relations among the changes of soil structure, microorganism, soil mineral, absorption of crop nutrition, etc)

3.The effects of crop nutrition and health on agricultural product

4.The effect of agricultural products nutrients on food chain health for human

Marine and land need a medium of communication, algae is the best medium between them.

“Blue Technology System” of balanced farming is a technology system that is formed by comprehensive application of nutrients balance of sea-land coordination and ecological restoration and carbon emission reduction technology, Brown algae biological engineering technology and crop-soil balancing technology.

It is not only able to increase fertilizer utilization rate, reduce the carbon emission, enhance immunity of crops, decrease usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, improve yields and quality of agricultural products, but also increase farmers’ incomes, build virtuous agricultural ecological cycle, by adopting the technology system. It is named “Blue Technology System” because it derives from marine biotechnology and marine biochemistry. 

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