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LEILI people deeply admire nature, revere life, and take the responsibility of returning to health.

We follow the principle of Lean & Innovation, excavate algal biological resources in ocean, and establishing tech support platform based on crop solution by modern bio-tech. Our team has precise division of labor, however, Leili people are always innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, and creating wealth no matter in what position, which is our promise and we will practice it.

Our team has excellent members. They are:

Algae scientists

They find out the physiological function of sargassum to soil, crops and human, and provide theoretical support for producing more active product.

Scientists for R&D and quality control

They always create new products for you and make our products be the leader in this industry, which insures you the product with standardized quality.

Soil and Plant nutrition experts

Including crop regulation and health care expert, crop balancing nutrient expert, soil improvement and repair expert. They mainly research balance fertilization on three fields covering crop regulation and health care, plant nutrition, soil improvement. They focus on the whole process of your soil and crop balance since soil test, and guide your fertilization.

Application Technique engineer

Through field demonstration and product redevelopment, they tailor-made balance solution for your crops, make the guidance of whole cultivation, and provide certification consulting service of agricultural product.

Technical engineer to purchase and identify Seaweed

They collect and purchase fresh seaweed to secure the high quality and non-polluted material.

Industrial chain management

They provide you a series of economical activities including creation, integration and connection. Integration includes plant cultivation, purchase, trade, logistic, agricultural product distribution, and brand promotion etc, which makes the product safety traceable.

Marketing and business manager

They will show you the future market analysis and plan, point out sales forcast, design and organize promoting activities, edit brand news and make media diffusion, and provide comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales service.

Service promoters

As the most important connection between you and us, they are the local technical experts, your localized market and commercial supporters, and also your friends and your partners.

Vision displayer and agricultural product brand operators

They are the Brand Housekeeper on agricultural product for you and us.

Platform operating manager

He is the necessary part for you to join our platform, providing operating management, including logistic, finance, legal consultancy and so on.

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