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Toxin Free Pesticide Synergist

Package: 1L/bottle x 12/CTN, 5L/barrel x 4/CTN, 10L/barrel x 2/CTN


◆ Liquid wetter, spreader and penetrant surfactant

◆ Suitable to be applied with a wide range of pesticides, herbicides as well as foliar fertilizers

◆ Reducing the dosage of agrochemicals by 30-60%

◆ Effectively improving the adhesion of agrochemicals to the leaves, thus increasing the percentage of active substance reaching the target

◆ Lowering loss rates of agrochemicals resulting from rainfall and other unfavorable weather conditions

◆ Increasing the penetration as well as circulation of certain active substances within the plant, thus enhancing the efficiency of systemic and translaminar agrochemicals

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