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Chitosan Oligo Saccharin Liquid

Immunity Enhancer and Pathogen Control Agent

N:50g/L, P2O5:40g/L, K2O:30g/L, Cu:1g/L, Zn:2g/L

Package: 1L/bottle x 12/CTN, 5L/barrel x 4/CTN, 10L/barrel x 2/CTN


◆ LEILI SoftGuard has rich content of chitosan. We adopt the technique called molecule knife to produce the chitosan oligosaccharide with molecular weight 3000D.

◆ Unique production technique allowing molecular control, to ensure high absorption and efficiency.

◆ Immunity enhancer, growth and fruit coloring promoter.

◆ Rapidly supplying nutrients, enhancing photosynthesis, keeping vigorous growth.

◆ Improving crop immunity, inducing crop immunity system.

◆ Accelerating plant wound healing, preventing diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and virus, effectively relieving freezing and cold injury.

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