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Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder (Enzymolysis)

Organic Matter:35-40%, N:0.5-1%, P2O5:NA, K2O:17-21%, Ca:0.6-1.8%, Mg:0.04%, S:0.50%

Package:1kg/bag x 15/CTN, 20kg/CTN


◆ The first Asian seaweed extract powder certified by IMO and ECOCERT

◆ Extracted from wild seaweed species: Sargassum spp., rich in alginic acid, hormones, polysaccharides, minerals, vitamins and amino acids

Inducing a vigorous growth of seedlings, balancing crop growth

Improving both biotic (fungal, bacterial, insect, etc.) and abiotic (drought, frost, water logging) stress tolerance

● Increasing crop quality, uniforming fruit color and fruit size, promoting fruit sugar content and extending the shelf life 

● Providing balanced and comfort environment of crop rooting, promoting root growth, reducing roots rot caused by acid, heavy metals, herbicides, etc.

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