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BioGuard CE

Bacillus Subtilis Biocontrol Agent

Package: 1kg/bag


◆ BioGuard CE is rich in specail high living microbial agents, because bacillus subtilis growing on seaweed organic matter as a carrier, which can promote bacteria propagation rapid in the soil.

◆ High content of vital Bacillus subtilis.

◆ The main functions that can inhibit the disease-causing bacteria growth and reproduction.

◆ BioGuard CE improve soil physical and chemical properties, clean manure mycotoxin. 

◆ Inhibiting the growth of plant viruses without resulting in pesticide resistance, enhancing disease, pest and drought resistance.

◆ Preventing the spread of leaf diseases such as sheath blight of rice, rice blast, sheath blight of wheat, etc. resulting from replanting thanks to the function of biological plant growth regulator.

◆ Promoting plant growth efficiently .

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