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Soluble Bioactive Seaweed Extract Powder 100% (Enzymolysis)

Neutral pH, highter compatibility with chemicals

Natural PGR up to1000ppm, especially rich in cytokinin

Organic Matter:30-35%, N:1%, P2O5:NA, K2O:18%, Ca:0.5-2%, Mg:0.05%, S:NA

Package:1kg/bag, 20kg/CTN


◆  Enzymolysis technique, neutral pH

◆  High content of natural PGR up to 1000ppm

◆ High activity, flocculation-free and easy to blend with other chemicals. It can be mixed with low toxicity pesticides and water-soluble macro-element fertilizers

◆ High content of natural PGR, increasing the rate of germination, flowering and fruit setting

◆ Significantly preventing premature for vegetable in green house thanks to high content of cytokinin

◆ Rich in PGR variety, it can regulate and balance plant growth, keep vigorous growth and reduce nutrient deficiency

◆ Stimulating the production of secondary metabolites to improve immunity and stress tolerance of plant

◆ It has an amazing effect, when applied in worse growing condition(weak light, low temperature and so on) for vegetable in green house

◆ By soil application, It is not only one kind of organic matter, but also is good food for soil microorganism, thus improving the soil structure


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